Clash Royale 2X Elixir Deck: Tips And Strategies



Clash Royale is a popular mobile game that has captured the hearts of many gamers worldwide. One of the most exciting features of the game is the 2x Elixir mode, which doubles the elixir regeneration rate. In this article, we will discuss the best Clash Royale 2x Elixir deck and provide tips and strategies on how to use it to its fullest potential.

What is 2x Elixir mode?

In Clash Royale, elixir is the resource that players use to deploy troops, spells, and buildings. The normal elixir regeneration rate is 2.8 seconds, but in 2x Elixir mode, it is reduced to 1.4 seconds. This means that players can deploy their troops and spells at a much faster rate, making battles more intense and exciting.

Tip #1: Choose the right cards

When building a Clash Royale 2x Elixir deck, it is essential to choose the right cards. You want to have a balance of offensive and defensive cards that can counter your opponent’s strategy. Cards like the Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, and Balloon are great for offense, while the Inferno Tower, Tombstone, and Skeleton Army are excellent for defense.

Tip #2: Have a solid game plan

Having a solid game plan is crucial when playing Clash Royale. In 2x Elixir mode, the game is much faster, so you need to know your strategy beforehand. Are you going for a quick win, or are you playing the long game? Knowing your game plan will help you make quick decisions and adapt to your opponent’s strategy.

Tip #3: Manage your elixir wisely

In 2x Elixir mode, it is easy to get carried away and deploy all your cards at once. However, this can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. It is essential to manage your elixir wisely and not waste it on unnecessary cards. Always think about the elixir cost of the cards you deploy and make sure you have enough elixir left for defense.

Tip #4: Use spells to your advantage

Spells are a great way to deal damage to your opponent’s towers and troops. In 2x Elixir mode, they are even more effective because you can deploy them at a faster rate. Cards like the Fireball, Zap, and Poison can deal massive damage to your opponent’s troops and towers, so make sure you have them in your deck.


Playing Clash Royale in 2x Elixir mode is an exhilarating experience. By following these tips and strategies, you can build a solid Clash Royale 2x Elixir deck and dominate your opponents. Remember to choose the right cards, have a solid game plan, manage your elixir wisely, and use spells to your advantage. Good luck and have fun!