Dental Implants In Lilburn, Ga: What You Need To Know

Dental Implants Missing Teeth Prosthodontist Lilburn GA


If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may be considering dental implants as a solution. Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. If you’re in Lilburn, GA or the surrounding areas, you have many options when it comes to dental implants. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about dental implants in Lilburn, GA.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed into your jawbone. They are made of titanium and are designed to fuse with your bone over time. Once the implant has fused with your bone, a dental crown or bridge is attached to the implant, giving you a natural-looking and functional tooth replacement.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer many benefits, including: – Improved appearance – Improved speech – Improved comfort – Improved oral health – Improved chewing ability – Improved self-esteem

The Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure typically involves several steps, including: – Consultation and treatment planning – Placement of the implant – Healing and osseointegration (fusion with the bone) – Placement of the abutment – Placement of the dental crown or bridge

Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Most people who are missing one or more teeth are candidates for dental implants. However, there are some factors that may affect your eligibility for the procedure, such as: – Overall health – Jawbone density – Gum health – Smoking habits

The Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants can vary depending on several factors, such as: – Number of implants needed – Complexity of the procedure – Type of implant used – Geographic location In Lilburn, GA, the average cost of a single dental implant can range from $1,500 to $6,000.


Dental implants are a great solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. If you’re in Lilburn, GA or the surrounding areas, there are many options when it comes to dental implants. Be sure to consult with a qualified dental professional to determine if dental implants are right for you.