No Smoking Oxygen In Use Sign Printable

Oxygen No Smoking Signs


If you work in a healthcare facility or know someone who uses oxygen at home, you’re probably aware of the importance of oxygen safety. One crucial aspect of oxygen safety is ensuring that smoking is prohibited in areas where oxygen is in use. To help with this, there are “No Smoking Oxygen In Use” signs that you can put up to remind people of this rule. In this article, we’ll discuss printable versions of these signs that you can easily access and use.

Why is it important to prohibit smoking around oxygen?

Smoking is dangerous around oxygen because it increases the risk of a fire. Oxygen itself is not flammable, but it can make other things ignite much more easily. For example, if a cigarette is lit near oxygen equipment, it can quickly turn into a dangerous fire. This is why it’s essential to prohibit smoking in areas where oxygen is being used.

Where can you find printable “No Smoking Oxygen In Use” signs?

There are several places where you can find printable versions of these signs. One option is to search online for “No Smoking Oxygen In Use Sign Printable.” You’ll find many websites that offer free downloads of these signs in various sizes and designs. Another option is to check with your oxygen supplier or healthcare facility. They may have printed copies of the signs that they can provide to you.

How can you use these signs?

Once you have printed copies of the signs, you can post them in areas where oxygen is in use. Some common areas include patient rooms, waiting rooms, and treatment areas. Make sure the signs are visible and easily readable. You may also want to consider posting multiple signs if the area is large or if there are multiple entrances.

What are some other oxygen safety tips?

In addition to prohibiting smoking around oxygen, there are other essential safety tips to keep in mind. These include: – Keep oxygen equipment at least six feet away from open flames or heat sources. – Do not use oil-based products, such as lotion or petroleum jelly, near oxygen equipment. – Do not use extension cords or power strips with oxygen equipment. – Do not store oxygen tanks in confined spaces, such as a closet or trunk.


In conclusion, “No Smoking Oxygen In Use” signs are an essential tool for oxygen safety. By reminding people of the dangers of smoking around oxygen, we can help prevent fires and keep everyone safe. If you need printable versions of these signs, there are many options available online or through your healthcare provider. Remember to also follow other oxygen safety tips to ensure a safe environment for everyone.