Pediatric Dentist That Does Sedation Near Me: A Complete Guide

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry FAQs About "Laughing Gas" A Paul S Bell


Visiting a dentist can be a daunting experience for children, especially those who require extensive procedures. Pediatric dentists who offer sedation dentistry can help ease anxiety and make the experience more comfortable for both children and parents. In this article, we will explore the benefits of sedation dentistry and how to find a pediatric dentist that offers this service near you.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can provide a range of benefits for children who are anxious or have special needs. It can help them relax during the procedure, reduce discomfort, and shorten the time required for treatment. Children who receive sedation dentistry are also less likely to develop negative associations with dental visits, which can encourage them to maintain good oral hygiene habits throughout their lives.

The Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves administering medication in the form of pills or syrup to help a child relax. The medication can be given before the procedure to help them feel calm and comfortable. Children who receive oral sedation will need to be monitored closely during the procedure to ensure their safety.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous sedation involves delivering medication directly into the bloodstream through a vein. This type of sedation is typically used for more extensive procedures and can provide a deeper level of relaxation. Children who receive intravenous sedation will require close monitoring and may need to be sedated for a longer period of time.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a mild form of sedation that can help children relax during dental procedures. It is administered through a mask that fits over the child’s nose and is safe for children of all ages. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly, which means children can resume their normal activities shortly after the procedure.

How to Find a Pediatric Dentist that Offers Sedation Dentistry Near You

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist that offers sedation dentistry near you, there are several resources you can use. You can start by asking your child’s regular dentist for a referral or searching online for pediatric dentists in your area. It is also important to research the credentials and experience of any dentist you are considering.

Preparing Your Child for Sedation Dentistry

Preparing your child for sedation dentistry can help reduce their anxiety and ensure a smoother procedure. You should explain the process to your child in age-appropriate language and answer any questions they may have. It is also important to follow any instructions provided by the dental team, such as fasting or avoiding certain medications before the procedure.

The Risks and Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

While sedation dentistry can provide many benefits, it is important to understand that there are also risks involved. Children who receive sedation dentistry may experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, or dizziness. In rare cases, sedation can lead to more serious complications, such as respiratory depression. However, the risks of sedation dentistry are generally low, and most children have a safe and comfortable experience.


Sedation dentistry can be a valuable tool for children who are anxious or have special needs. By finding a pediatric dentist that offers sedation dentistry near you, you can help ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience for your child. With the right preparation and precautions, sedation dentistry can help your child maintain good oral health and develop positive associations with dental visits.